How I Can Help Your Business

I build websites for small businesses in Lincoln and Omaha, Nebraska. I am great at building sites that are user-friendly, both for you and for your customers. My sites are also friendly to search engines, which is the key to getting more potential customers to your site.

If your website is 10 years old, or you don’t have a website – whether it’s because your business is brand new or you just never got around to having one created – it is time. Every day you spend without a website for people to find your business on the Internet is lost money.

A website is like a really cheap yellow-pages ad. If you’re not listed, how is anyone going to be able to find you to give you their business? Your website is going to make you money. Period. Most of my clients in Lincoln make up the cost of having a website designed and hosted in a month or two. Do yourself a favor and contact me now to get started with getting your business on the web!

Recent examples of my work

Here are some examples of recent site designes I have worked on for clients. They wanted to have a simple but attractive site to let their customers and potential customers find the information they are looking for quickly and easily.

  • Women In Sales and Business Web Design
  • Pioneer Overhead Door Web Design

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